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Sufar de insomnii

Indiferent cat de obosita sunt, odihna a devenit pentru mine cea mai mare provocare. Ciudat, nu-i asa? In ultimul timp, arsurile si crampele din zona picioarelor imi cam dau batai de cap, iar gandurile ca in curand voi da nastere zanutei, ma napadesc si ele. Insa, pentru a reduce din anxietate, imi fac o baie calda, beau o cana de ceai de tei, ascult muzica ambientala si incerc sa ma relaxez asa cum pot eu mai bine, desi imi este toooot mai greu!:)

Daca nu adorm in primele 20, 30 de minute, incep sa ma plimb prin alte camere, citesc o revista, scriu un articol sau ascult muzica (asigurandu-ma ca nu trezesc toata casa. :))), iar mai apoi revin in pat. Am renuntat la cofeina, alimentele picante inainte de somn (caci pot cauza arsuri) si simt ca am redus aceste probleme. Ce am mai invatat pe parcursul accestei sarcini? Ca este foarte bine daca reusesc sa trag un pui de somn pe parcursul zilei. 30 de minute de odihna sunt suficiente si ma ajuta sa ma simt mai bine. Insa, este important si momentul in care alegem sa ne odihnim, caci daca e prea tarziu, ne poate afecta somnul de seara.

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Cand am ramas insarcinata cu Achim, am aflat ca nu este recomandat sa fac exercitii inainte de culcare, ci cu trei ore inainte de ora somnului, insa acum nu se pune problema, am renuntat la exercitii, fiind la finalul celui  de-al treilea trimestru de sarcina. 🙂

As vrea sa aflu cum ati reusit voi sa va odihniti in sarcina!img_6467

EN:No matter how tired I am, getting and staying comfortable in my bed becomes one of the greatest challenges in my pregnancy progresses. Strange thing, isn’t it? Later in my pregnancy, I suffer from heartburn and leg cramps, and I become more and more excited but also concerned about the birth of my fairy.  But, to reduce my anxiety I take a warm bath, I have a cup of linden tea, I listen to quiet music and I try to relax my body, although this became hard to achieve. If I’m not asleep 20 to 30 minutes after getting into bed, I get up and go into another room.  Read a magazine, I write an article or I listen to music until I feel drowsy, and then get back in bed. I cut down on caffeine and I reduce spicy food before bedtime and I feel better. What I learned during this pregnancy? That  30 minutes nap during the day help me to feel better. But it’s important to  time our naps carefully, though. Napping too late in the day can interfere with our sleep at night.img_6474

When I was pregnant with Achim, I learned that it is not recommended to  work out too close to bedtime but three hours before bedtime and  try to finish exercising at least three to four hours before I  turn in for the night, but now I can’t do my workout because I am at the end of the third trimester. 🙂

I would like to know how did you managed to rest during the pregnancy period!img_6457