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Outdoor workout

A venit primavara, si odata cu ea, a aparut dorinta de a scapa de cateva kilograme in plus, acumulate in timpul sezonului rece. Eu am inceput cu detoxifierea organismului, cu o alimentatie bazata pe legume si fructe proaspete si cat mai multe ceaiuri si lichide. Despre miscare v-am povestit, incerc sa imi fac exercitiile acasa, atunci cand timpul imi permite. Insa, antrenamentul in aer liber ramane preferatul meu, de aceea, am devenit interesata de beneficiile acestuia si am tinut sa va povestesc si voua despre ele.

Citisem ca antrenamentul in aer liber ne ofera avantajul unei mai bune oxigenari a sistemului muscular comparativ cu cel realizat in sala de fitness sau aerobic.

In plus, in cazul antrenamentului functional training, asa cum mai este numit, accentul cade pe efectuarea unor miscari cat mai naturale, pe care le executam si in viata de zi cu zi.  Chiar si mersul pe jos intr-un ritm mai alert ne face bine. Eu sunt de parere ca important este sa facem miscare, indiferent de modalitatile la care recurgem.

De asemenea, lucrand in parc, suntem nevoiti sa improvizam la fiecare antrenament, ceea ce inseamna ca ne supunem corpul la noi provocari. Antrenorii recomanda schimbarea permanenta in cadrul antrenamentelor, iar eu sunt perfect de acord cu aceasta solutie. M-as plictisi executand aceleasi tip de exercitii, voi nu credeti?

Pe langa alergarea usoara, alternez scarile cu genuflexiunile, iar la finalul antrenamentului ma bucur de o plimbare relaxanta. Recunosc, in parc ajung doar in weekend sau atunci cand agenda mea nu este plina de sedinte foto, filmari sau repetitii. Insa, de fiecare data, ma intorc acasa plina de energie si fericita ca am finalizat un antrenament in aer liber.

Voi cum preferati sa va antrenati?

Foto coperta : Adi Stoicoviciu

Spring came, and with it, came the desire to get rid of a few extra pounds accumulated during the cold season. I started with detoxifying the body, with a nutrition based on fresh fruits and vegetables and more teas and liquids. About exercising I have told you before, I try to do the exercises at home, when time allows me. However, outdoor training remains my favorite, that’s why I became interested in its benefits and I wanted to tell you about my opinion on them.

I had read that outdoor training gives us the advantage of giving more oxygen to the muscular system compared to that achieved in the fitness room and aerobics.

In addition, in the case of the preparation of functional training, as it is called, the focus is on making some more natural movements that you execute also in everyday life.  Even walking into a faster pace will do. I believe that it is important get ourselves moving, regardless of the ways we use.

Also while working in the park, we are forced to improvise at every workout, which means that we obey our body to new challenges. Coaches recommend changing in the context of training, and I perfectly agree with this solution. I would get bored performing the same type of exercises each and every time, wouldn’t you?

Besides running, I alternate the stairs with squats, and at the end of the training I enjoy a relaxing stroll. I admit, in the park I get just on weekends when my agenda isn’t full of photo shoots, filming or rehearsal. However, each time I return home happy and full of energy as I’ve completed a good workout outdoors.

What’s your favorite type of training?

Cover photo : Adi Stoicoviciu