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Ganduri din vacanta

Dragilor, am ajuns in vacanta! Va scriu in timp ce il privesc pe Achim jucandu-se in gradina din apropierea mea si ma bucur de minunatia asta de priveliste! Inainte de a va scrie aceste randuri, mi-am petrecut timpul citind Esclusi I Presenti, o carte ce m-a tinut focusata cateva zeci de minute. Insa acum mi-am deschis laptopul cu gandul de a va scrie despre prima noastra zi in vacanta.


De la primele ore ale diminetii ne-am pregatit tinutele, am luat masa in frumoasa gradina de aici, apoi ne-am relaxat ore in sir, am ras, am ascultat povesti de ale lui Achim, am petrecut timp de calitate impreuna. Nu as mai parasi locul acesta vreodata!  Ne incarca cu atat de multa energie pozitiva, incat radiem de fericire in fiecare minut.


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Am pornit cu gandul de a va scrie si cate putin despre prima mea tinuta de vacanta, o tinuta all black, cu accesorii stylish. Nu puteam renunta la palaria care sa ma protejeze de razele puternice, de ochelarii de soare sau la bijuteriile Gramaldy, create si pentru astfel de momente simple de fericire. Am ales, asa cum v-am povestit si in articolul de ieri, costume de baie intregi, caci nu imi doresc o expunere indelungata la soare. Si da, nu am uitat nici de aplicarea cremei de protectie!IMG_1381


Va transmit doar ganduri bune din vacanta si promit sa revin cu impresii si fotografii de aici!

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EN: Darlings,  finally we have arrived at our dream destination! I’m writing to you while I’m watching Achim playing in the garden and I’m very excited about this wonderful view! Before writing to you these words, I spent my time reading Esclusi I Presenti, a book that kept me focused for a period of time. But, now I turn on my laptop in order to tell you about our first day of our holiday.

From the early hours in the morning, we had breakfast together in this beautiful garden, then we relaxed for hours,  laughed and listened to Achim’s stories, simply we spent quality time together. I  would never leave this place! We are loaded with so much positive energy that we emit happiness every minute.

I started thinking of you so I want to write about my first holiday outfit, an all black outfit with stylish accessories. I could not give up my hat that protects me from the sun, on my sunglasses or on my Gramaldy jewelry, made for such simple moments of happiness like these. I chose, as I told you yesterday, a  swimsuit  because I do not want much exposure to the sun. And yes, I have not forgotten to apply my sunscreen product!

I send you all my positive thoughts in and promise you to come back with impressions and photos here, on my blog!