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EN:┬áBefore I started writing this article I was convinced that I will paint my little fairy’s ┬ároom in a pale olive-grey or khaki. While I was looking for pictures to show you guys, I have come to the conclusion that I like very much also lavander.:)

I find olive-gray to be very beautiful and calming, and in all the inspirational photos that I’ve found, white and powder pink details look great on the wall coloring.

HM …. I know for sure that I want to lay on the wall on top of the bed a white print as well as some other in the room, maybe get also some photos framed. Furniture will be white, so there must be and a splash of color though.


Although Lavender is beautiful and very refined, still seems to me like olive grey is more restful. Then, specialists say that shades of green are best suited in a room where the child will learn and absorb information about every day life. A room painted such calms, relaxes and is plus the colour very natural.


At the same time say about shades of purple (lilac, lavender, etc.) that are calming and soothing and they and are much more elegant.


White is pure and very easy to match, of course. But in my case, because it’s all white, I’d like to get a small contrast though.


There is no coincidence in the fact that all the girls love pink. Pink represents all things feminine, sweet. It’s also a color that soothes and certainly the little girl will feel like a princess in her room.

I chose to write about the colors that seem to me the most soothing and suitable for a baby’s room. Khaki and white are very suitable for a little boy also. I have chosen two shades of Khaki, but I think I will go back to see how things are in the lavender ┬áchapter:). ┬áNext week we are painting fairy’s room and I want to be prepared. ┬áCan’t wait for you to tell me what colors would you choose and why. ┬áMany, many hugs!