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A trai pentru a-ti povesti viata

Ieri am stat toata ziua linistita si am citit. M-am jucat cu baietelul meu macao si am baut lapte cald cu putina cafea si miere…

Am inceput de cateva zile cartea lui Garcia Marquez, “A trai pentru a-ti povesti viata”, si m-am tot gandit la semnificatia titlului.
Faptul ca eu va povestesc mereu despre lucrurile pe care le traiesc si simt si faptul ca imi raspundeti mereu cu povestile voastre de viata, ne ajuta sa ne regasim unii in ceilalti. Eu asa cred. Sau sa ne descoperim. Sa invatam, sa radem, sa traim prin inima si gandurile celuilalt. Imi place sa traiesc pentru a imparti cu cei dragi mie totul. Si aici va includ obligatoriu pentru ca imi sunteti foarte dragi. De cei dintre voi care imi scriu mai des pe blog si pe facebook m-am atasat serios. Chiar nu imi pot imagina o zi trecand fara sa citesc un mesaj de incurajare de la voi. Gandurile voastre si vorbele voastre bune sunt cel mai mare castig programul meu de zi cu zi.

Asadar… iata in ce fel m-a inspirat prima zi din an. M-a inspirat sa impart si mai mult cu cei ce impart cu mine particele de suflet.
Si acest jurnal de pe blog, sau confesiunile mele zilnice de pe pagina de facebook imi creeaza in fiecare clipa un set de amintiri minunate.
Voi ce ati facut in prima zi din an?

P.S: Mai e ff putin si o sa va scriu din maternitate. Sa avem un an nou plin de iubire!


EN: Living life to tell your stories

Yesterday I spent  almost all day quiet and reading. I played with my little boy a game with cards and drank a little coffee with hot milk and honey …
I started a few days Garcia Marquez’s book, “Living to tell the tale” and I kept thinking about the significance of the title.
I know that I will always tell about the things that  I live and feel and you will always answer with your stories of life, and I think that  helps us find ourselves in some others. I think so. Or find ourselves. Helps us to learn, to laugh, to live through the heart and thoughts of others. I like to live to share everything with all my loved ones. And will include you mandatory in this category here because I really love you guys. For those of you who write me more often on the blog and on facebook I developed a seriously type of attachment.  I cannot even imagine going through one day without reading a message of encouragement from you. Your thoughts and your words  the most rewarding part of my daily schedule.
So … this is where my inspiration was in  the first day of the year. I was inspired to share even more with those who share with me bits of their souls.
And this diary blog, or my daily confessions on my facebook page, every moment creates a set of wonderful memories.
What  did you do in  the first day of the year?

PS: There’s only a very very little time left until I will  write to you from maternity. Let’s have a new year full of love!